3rd Annual Flourish Media Conference - Where Women Do Business

MIAMI, FL -  Flourish Media Conference (FMC) celebrated its 3rd annual women’s conference by  partnering with Magic City Center and Thriver Lifestyle to bring more partnership and funding opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs and business owners. This years two-day conference, on February 22-23, continues to grow each year along with aiming to close the gap by addressing the issues of income inequality, education and innovation as it relates to women of color businesses.

 But what factors and takeaways truly set FMC apart from the rest? One of the key differentiators of FMC is their 501(c)(3) beneficiary charity, Behind The Leaf, which helps minority and low-income women see small business ownership as a viable opportunity for economic advancement by offering accessible educational products, workshops, and networking events. Attendees were entered to win scholarship packages that included the following: monetary business scholarship up to $1500, web hosting, contact management tools, project management tools, subsidized time with accountant, subsidized time with lawyer, personalized marketing material and a free buddy pass to the 2020 Flourish Media Conference.

 A main attraction the conference has is the profound selection of speakers. Past keynote speakers include: Radio Host & On Air Personality Felisha Monet of 99 Jams, Editor Talia Oliver of The Shade Room, credited with changing the landscape of journalism for its ability to draw in 8 million social followers and reach 94 million viewers. This year, FMC speakers included: Wellness Expert Candy Calderon, Writer Ty Alexander, Soul Brand Therapist Whitney Mullings, Attorney Rosezena Piece, America’s Top 20 African American Interior Designer Tonya Cromer, and many more!

 Similar to past Flourish Media Conferences, the 3rd annual conference capitalized on one driving goal: to connect women with willing and interested investors. VIPs had the opportunity to live pitch to investors for the chance to secure up to millions of dollars for their business ventures. By creating a space for discussions about innovation, equality and how to find supportive funding, attendees gained valuable knowledge proven to set their personal businesses or brands apart from the rest.

Flourish Media Presents PublisHER

Miami, FL - PublisHER, a place for authors to flourish, is a book fair for self-published women authors. This was the first PublisHER event hosted by the Flourish Media tribe on January 26th. The winter event brought the ladies of the Miami area together to discuss all the details hidden between the lines of a female authors’ life.

Behind The Leaf, in partnership with Atlantis University, joined forces to develop the only book fair for tech-savvy storytellers. During the book fair, attendees planned to connect with fellow women authors from an array of genres with one common thread: online publishing. Never before have authors had access to sharing personal stories on a global scale. This one day event allowed attendees to meet many of their favorite women authors, purchase copies of new releases and hear from a professional panel on the pros and cons of self-publishing.


PublisHER gave attendees the dirty truth behind book publishing, along with sharing easy techniques renowned authors use to help boost their personal book promotion and appeal.  Self-publishing can be intimidating for any new author. But by following the advice from the Flourish Media team, the ladies who attended the event now had the tools to create their personal success as a female author.




Public Speaker Tips With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - Being a confident public speaker can be stressful and a bit intimidating, but the lady tribe of Flourish Media were to the rescue. Attendees joined the marketing gurus in December for an intimate look into the reality of becoming a paid public speaker and the priceless lessons learned to help one reach their goals as a successful business babe.

“I learned so much during the workshop,” Mentioned a past attendee of Flourish Media’s  event, How to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Machine. “I had to no idea that 30% of people who visit your page will visit again.”

How to Become A Public Speaker had the same effect with participants. During the live virtual event, esteemed entrepreneurs Vivian Olodun, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, and Sasha Revolus -co-founders of Flourish Media Conference and Behind the Leaf- shared expert tips for meaningful networking, how to create epic partnerships, and gave guidance on how to gain the confidence needed for successful self-promotion within their business or brand. Now, attendees had the opportunity to take charge of their passions without having to leave their bed.


Flourish Media Gives Tips On Online Organization

Miami, FL -  The Flourish Media ladies are back at it again, but this time they teamed up with the City of Miami Beach, Department of Tourism, and Culture & Economic Development to bring the female business owners of Miami the techniques every skilled marketer utilizes during the holiday season. On November 21st, the women of the Miami community gained the ability to learn valuable skills and techniques proven to boost their online organization and step up their game in landing potential investors.

Because this topic was highly requested, Flourish Media sat down with attendees to give them the in depth process of how they successfully market their clients online. The main topic of discussion was the three must-haves to design the perfect ad to attract any potential client or investor. The event space was buzzing with influential discussions and brainstorming sessions as attendees enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere the Flourish Media team had created.

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” Noted one of the marketing agency’s founding members, Vivian Olodun.

By demonstrating how to curate content that attracts fundraisers, champions for unique causes and community support techniques, participants left gaining the organizational skills they were seeking. Yet again, a successful Flourish Media event!


Brandography & The Flourish Media Method

Miami, FL - Having a unique brand is a valuable tool for any business or brand, and what better way to prove this than to have an event centered around the techniques marketing professionals utilize everyday. This time, Flourish Media, Venture Cafe Miami and #ThursdayGathering brought the Miami public answers to their burning questions about brand photography for social media.

Whether you are a service based entrepreneur or a product based business, images are a must! Capturing the right images can be tricky, but the Flourish Media ladies showed attendees how to show up as the superstar of their business. In this workshop, participants learned: picture prepping, what kinds of images a brand needs for a website and social media, body language tips and much more. Gaining the social status of a professional marketer was easier than ever before with this interactive workshop.


Because small businesses are the backbone of economic growth for any community, many people depend deeply on it to provide for their families. Flourish Media knows that many startup companies struggle with marketing. But with this workshop, it gave effective and helpful tips for any female business owner. When done right, the tips would help boost overall engagement within social media. What gets better than that?






Flourish Media Presents Perfect Pitch

Miami, FL - As the ladies of Flourish Media began their virtual event centered around discussing the seven steps to getting prepared to pitch businesses, participants logged in to gather all the tips and tricks the tribe had to offer. In this intimate November peek into the reality of pitching businesses to investors, the priceless lessons taught to attendees gave resources into helping to secure funding for any businesses.

During this live virtual event, serial entrepreneurs Vivian Olodun, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, and Sasha Revolus, co-founders of Flourish Media Conference and Behind the Leaf, shared expert tips for meaningful networking, creating epic partnerships and confident self-promotion. Confidence is key in any industry, but with these helpful lessons participants were able to boost their overall outlook and revise possible future ventures as the female business leaders they sought to be.


Flourish Media Gives Tips on How to Get Noticed Online

Miami, FL - Back by popular request, the Flourish Media tribe presented Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses: Learn How to Get Noticed Online. Attendees gathered on October 25th at Venture Cafe Miami to get this inside scoop of trends and tips used by marketing professionals. Social proofing is imperative these days. Who's talking about your brand and what are they saying?

“It's time for your business to get noticed online!” Noted Vivian Olodun, founder of Flourish Media. She later added that, “About 70% of consumers make buying decisions based on what others are saying.” This gave incentive to attendees to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the hip technique, social media influencing.

With help from #ThursdayGathering, Flourish Media was able to answer questions about influencer marketing on social media. In the workshop, attendees were shown how to reach out to influencers, what kinds of collateral they expect and got the real tea on how much it really costs to hire a social media influencer to endorse their brand. Reaching hundreds of thousands of new clients and customers was then one strategic partnership away with the help of Miami’s leading ladies.


Master Working Through Your Fears With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - Serial entrepreneurs Vivian Olodun and Dr. Tracy Timberlake, co-founders of Flourish Media Conference and Behind the Leaf, shared their expert tips for meaningful networking, creating epic partnerships and confident self-promotion on their live virtual event. The October ninth event allowed women throughout the nation to come together to get the inside scoop of modern techniques and the tips Olodun and Timberlake personally used and continue to use within their businesses.

Hosted by Ellen Coule, founder of LadyBoss Social Club, the conversation left participants feeling inspired, motivated and ready to level up #LadyBoss style! By normalizing common business struggles, one can then feel confident that they are not alone and can eventually discover success within their personal profession. This priceless conversation guided viewers through what many deem intimidating within the business realm. It was the assistance and tips from the Flourish Media team that encouraged each participant to take the leap into success.


Learn How to Get Noticed Online With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - The Miami Beach Chamber Commerce, Women's Roundtable and Flourish Media brought the Miami community the answers to their burning questions about influencer marketing on social media. During the June workshop, entrepreneurs and business owners came together to discover what the online buzz was about and how they could get the tips and tricks needed to step up to the plate with the professionals.

“Influencer marketing is the perfect way for you to get the most bang for your buck online.” Tracy Timberlake, a founder member of the Flourish Media team, noted to the attendees.

Flourish Media discussed useful skills during the two hour workshop. Demonstrating how to successfully reach out to influencers, what kinds of collateral they expect along with giving them the honest information on how much it really costs to hire a social media influencer to endorse their brands. Attendees were surprised to discover the real-life rates linked to this innovating promotional trend. They were able to then leave knowing that reaching hundreds of thousands of new clients and customers was one strategic partnership away.


#DotItForTheGram With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - On August 11th, the ladies of Flourish Media hosted #DoItForTheGram, an afternoon of learning about lifestyle brands from ladies who do it every day. Attendees were able to get to know the extraordinary women defying the odds as, business owners, social media influencers, bloggers, and brand specialists. Because when you put together fearless women voices, culture stories, and experiences you get the ultimate celebration of #girlpower.   

The marketing tribe did just that! Attendees arrived to the event dressed cute but casual with many questions buzzing through their entrepreneurial minds. The fabulous clothing boutique Graupel, a virtual option of shopping that gathers over 150 measurements to help make purchasing clothing easier, was there to give leading advice on their personal experiences with technology and the importance of having a team dedicated to your mission.

No matter the profession, having a passionate team of skilled workers is the driving force behind any business. What creates mass success is the people who work diligently and with passion, not the content itself. The content is of course the outcome of the hard work of the people behind the scene, and because of this, the event focused on techniques the professionals use with their personal clients. Attendees walked away with the confidence to take their business of the ground on onto the route to their personal success as female business owners, bloggers, influencers and brand specialists.


Flourish Media & Project Pitch

Miami, FL - The Flourish Media ladies were back, but this time they were sharing their tips and tricks of how to properly utilize video for any major campaign project. Because technology and the fast pace of today’s society is continuously evolving, it only made sense that the August 7th event was a successful meeting between hopeful marketing agencies and the Flourish Media tribe.

Because Flourish Media is the Associate Producer of America's Real Deal, a reality show casting small business owners to pitch on live TV, was the successful proof of how potential stakeholders can bring one face-to-face with their brand. In this workshop, attendees were taught how to share their message with free resources more effectively, look comfortable on camera and sell without being pushy.

The guest speaker Graupel, a startup dynamic technology-driven retailer, and Flourish Media introduced the answers to the burning questions about pitching businesses to investors with the help of video. During the Project Pitch workshop, attendees were given behind the scene tips to pitching their business for network TV. Because Miami was named the number one place for entrepreneurship in America, these skills demonstrated what leading entrepreneurs use to stand out in a crowd of savvy creators.


Flourish Media Gives Tips On Social Media Trends

Miami, FL - The ladies of Flourish Media were back, and with more tips and tricks to boosting online appeal and influence among business professionals. During the June workshop, attendees gathered to discuss what tricks they use to engage with the public along with the tools needed to secure those next leads and hopeful clients. The team introduced knowledge that would accelerate a businesses digital footprint, increase their online visibility, and create brand buzz using free social media tools.

“It was such a blast!” Said Sasha Revolus, a founding member of the Flourish Media team.

Attendees, along with Flourish Media, discussed problems with social media and how one can transform trends into revenue. Because social media is a growing yet necessary tool for any business or brand, the ladies behind Flourish Media took the time to address issues and creative stumps many face when creating social media calls to action or promotions. As the event drew to a close, each guest left knowing how to hack the digital marketing system and experience exponential growth during their next quarter.  


Flourish Media & The Tips to Influencer Marketing

Miami, FL - It’s true, 70% of consumers make buying decisions based on what others are saying. Social proofing is imperative these days. Who's talking about your brand and what are they saying? Well, the ladies of Flourish Media had the answers to these burning questions and invited the Miami public to their exclusive October event.

A Place Called Tribe, Code Fever and Flourish Media teamed up to give the tips and tricks they use to increase revenue flow and overall exposure. Influencer marketing is the perfect way for business owners to get the most bang for their buck online. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

In this workshop, attendees were shown how to be seen as a serious influencer, what kinds of collateral they expect and were given the real tea on how much one can really get paid when hired as a social media influencer. By reaching hundreds of thousands of new clients and customers, this new trend could be one strategic partnership away for many of the businesses and potential influencers who attended.




Flourish Media, The Self-Esteem Doctor

Miami, FL - During the month of May, a period focused on self-esteem awareness, the Flourish Media tribe invited the Miami public to join them in a discussion centered around boosting self-esteem while reducing stress. In this workshop, Dr. Simone Alicia, the main host of the event, walked attendees through the 33 ways to reduce stress and raise self-esteem in the digital age.

“We are all living in a time now, where it has become more vital than ever to raise the collective consciousness about the true value and power of healthy self-esteem in the lives of children, teens and the family unit as a whole.” Noted Vivian Olodun, a founding member of the Flourish Media team.

Dr. Alicia began by teaching attendees how to start moving through the world more confidently with easy to apply techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As marketing and business professionals, self-esteem is a fundamental key to shaping the future and outcome of every goal. Attendees were able to walk away knowing how to make other people feel good along with keeping them coming back for more. These lessons, centered around valuable tips, would translate into their personal lives and professions.


Flourish Media & The Science to Going Social

Miami, FL - Flourish Media brought the community of Miami, FL the opportunity to gage their professional approaches towards social media. As technology and social media continue to reshape our lives, the marketing industry must follow in its digital footsteps.  This April event focused on The Science of Going Social, the teams’ proven method towards converting followers into customers. By creating an equation that demonstrates exactly what a business needs to do to gain such outcomes, Flourish Media made analyzing data easy.

“If you are not using social media in your business you are leaving money on the table.” Said Vivian Olodun, one of the founding members of Flourish Media.

The Science of Going Social is the marketing agency’s tested approach to building online communities, not only for their business,  but for their clients’ as well. During the event, attendees interacted with the step-by-step process of creating online communities. Utilizing the digital game Kahoot allowed for the event to be both fun and informative for each attendee. By sharing this valuable information to the public, Flourish Media was able to introduce industry knowledge in a fun and inviting form.


Flourish Media Turns Your Website Into A Lead Machine

Miami, FL - The ladies behind the marketing agency, Flourish Media, met up with the female business owners of Miami to bring them the tips and tricks needed to successfully create and utilize website platforms to further grow cliential. The March 22nd workshop, based in the Venture Cafe of Miami, focused on creativity and innovation of the web used by fellow marketing agencies.

“I have so many leads, I had to hire more staff to handle it!” Mentioned Tracy Timberlake, one of the founding members of the Flourish Media team.

In this workshop, Flourish Media demonstrated to attendees what every small business owner should be doing to maximize online traffic and generate inbound leads for their growing businesses. Encouraging the minds of the fellow female business owners, without inhibiting their personal goals, was the mission during this workshop. Participants were encouraged to bring notebooks to jot down ideas and tips as the Flourish Media tribe discussed helpful skills they use with their clients. By pulling back the curtain to show attendees exactly what they can start doing to turn their website into a lead capture machine, attendees walked away with valuable information one cannot find anywhere else.


Midday Mogul Lunch Break at Biznest

Biznet, FL - On March 15th, 2018 the Flourish Media tribe was back at it again. Similar to the past Midday Mogul events, the anticipated lunch break was hosted by Marly Walters and Anayancy Escarpanter of Women in Leadership League. Their goal was to give a sneak peak into the minds of the Miami business ladies themselves, and of course, to share fantastic treats and tips.

As attendees made their way through the venue, noted speakers discussed helpful tips and tricks on how to better market a business or brand. It was time for each attendee to take a break from their mogul lifestyle and connect with the fellow women who share a similar interest, success. By including the public with this exciting event, the participants gained a unique skill and valuable connections that would then spill over into their personal lives. The Biznest community of female business owners had a enjoying lunch with energetic company and informational discussions, what gets better than that?


Flourish Media Celebrates Second Conference

Miami, FL - The ladies behind Flourish Media celebrated their second annual conference at the Florida International University on February 16th, 2018. Attendees gathered in the venue to discuss and connect with other fellow female business and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in gaining the funding for their professions. Participants had the opportunity to learn about brand visibility, social media ins-and-outs and the techniques marketing agencies utilize on a daily basis that guides them to success.

This two-day conference offered lectures and workshops in two tracks. During both tracks, attendees heard from women leaders, successful female business owners and participated in workshops with business professionals to help them focus their ideas and reach their overall goals. With such useful advice and techniques available to the attendees, a lunch break was scheduled to help create the connections and networking needed to aid in their indevores.

Similar to Flourish Media’s past conferences, VIP ticket holders were able to pitch their ideas and businesses to investors. On the final day of the two day conference, winners were then able to walk away with funds totalling up to $15 million dollars for their personal business ventures. The Flourish Media’s 2018 conference was a success. Attendees voiced that this was an event that not only aided to their dreams as business owners, but also gave them the resources to continue learning and perfecting their skills.


Lunch Break With Marketing Moguls

Coral Gables, FL - As requested by the Miami female community, the fabulous Midday Mogul Lunch Break was hosted on February 15th, 2018. Yet again Flourish Media teamed up with Marly Walters and Anayancy Escarpanter, the ladies behind the Women in Leadership League. Lunch items and interesting conversations buzzed throughout the room as attendees gathered valuable tips and tricks in the marketing industry.

The Flourish Media team and the women of WILL understand that to be able to stand out and create success within one’s business, knowledge of marketing is the best tool to utilize. The lunch break was the perfect opportunity to share such ideas and techniques all marketing gurus use in their industry. The ladies of Coral Gables, FL now had the skills to administer their success and the connections needed to build sustainable outcomes within their personal businesses. As the lunch break drew to a close, it was now time for the attendees to go off and begin flourishing.


Midday Mogul Lunch Break at Biznest

Coral Gables, FL - The Flourish Media team has routinely teamed up with Marly Walters and Anayancy Escarpanter, the women behind Women in Leadership League. This time around they traveled back to Coral Gables, FL to bring the community two hours of connection and discussion on tips and tricks of the marketing industry.

This lunch break gathered fellow female business owners and professional marketing moguls. As attendees sat and chatted through the two hour break, speakers lectured about the ins-and-outs of social media and modern techniques that are proven to boost any business or brand. The Miami female community now had the tools to accomplish their marketing goals. Delicious food mixed with delightful conversations and connections, what gets better than that?