Public Speaker Tips With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - Being a confident public speaker can be stressful and a bit intimidating, but the lady tribe of Flourish Media were to the rescue. Attendees joined the marketing gurus in December for an intimate look into the reality of becoming a paid public speaker and the priceless lessons learned to help one reach their goals as a successful business babe.

“I learned so much during the workshop,” Mentioned a past attendee of Flourish Media’s  event, How to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Machine. “I had to no idea that 30% of people who visit your page will visit again.”

How to Become A Public Speaker had the same effect with participants. During the live virtual event, esteemed entrepreneurs Vivian Olodun, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, and Sasha Revolus -co-founders of Flourish Media Conference and Behind the Leaf- shared expert tips for meaningful networking, how to create epic partnerships, and gave guidance on how to gain the confidence needed for successful self-promotion within their business or brand. Now, attendees had the opportunity to take charge of their passions without having to leave their bed.


celeste walsh