Learn How to Get Noticed Online With Flourish Media

Miami, FL - The Miami Beach Chamber Commerce, Women's Roundtable and Flourish Media brought the Miami community the answers to their burning questions about influencer marketing on social media. During the June workshop, entrepreneurs and business owners came together to discover what the online buzz was about and how they could get the tips and tricks needed to step up to the plate with the professionals.

“Influencer marketing is the perfect way for you to get the most bang for your buck online.” Tracy Timberlake, a founder member of the Flourish Media team, noted to the attendees.

Flourish Media discussed useful skills during the two hour workshop. Demonstrating how to successfully reach out to influencers, what kinds of collateral they expect along with giving them the honest information on how much it really costs to hire a social media influencer to endorse their brands. Attendees were surprised to discover the real-life rates linked to this innovating promotional trend. They were able to then leave knowing that reaching hundreds of thousands of new clients and customers was one strategic partnership away.


celeste walsh