Flourish Media & Project Pitch

Miami, FL - The Flourish Media ladies were back, but this time they were sharing their tips and tricks of how to properly utilize video for any major campaign project. Because technology and the fast pace of today’s society is continuously evolving, it only made sense that the August 7th event was a successful meeting between hopeful marketing agencies and the Flourish Media tribe.

Because Flourish Media is the Associate Producer of America's Real Deal, a reality show casting small business owners to pitch on live TV, was the successful proof of how potential stakeholders can bring one face-to-face with their brand. In this workshop, attendees were taught how to share their message with free resources more effectively, look comfortable on camera and sell without being pushy.

The guest speaker Graupel, a startup dynamic technology-driven retailer, and Flourish Media introduced the answers to the burning questions about pitching businesses to investors with the help of video. During the Project Pitch workshop, attendees were given behind the scene tips to pitching their business for network TV. Because Miami was named the number one place for entrepreneurship in America, these skills demonstrated what leading entrepreneurs use to stand out in a crowd of savvy creators.


celeste walsh