Flourish Media Turns Your Website Into A Lead Machine

Miami, FL - The ladies behind the marketing agency, Flourish Media, met up with the female business owners of Miami to bring them the tips and tricks needed to successfully create and utilize website platforms to further grow cliential. The March 22nd workshop, based in the Venture Cafe of Miami, focused on creativity and innovation of the web used by fellow marketing agencies.

“I have so many leads, I had to hire more staff to handle it!” Mentioned Tracy Timberlake, one of the founding members of the Flourish Media team.

In this workshop, Flourish Media demonstrated to attendees what every small business owner should be doing to maximize online traffic and generate inbound leads for their growing businesses. Encouraging the minds of the fellow female business owners, without inhibiting their personal goals, was the mission during this workshop. Participants were encouraged to bring notebooks to jot down ideas and tips as the Flourish Media tribe discussed helpful skills they use with their clients. By pulling back the curtain to show attendees exactly what they can start doing to turn their website into a lead capture machine, attendees walked away with valuable information one cannot find anywhere else.


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