3rd Annual Flourish Media Conference - Where Women Do Business

MIAMI, FL -  Flourish Media Conference (FMC) celebrated its 3rd annual women’s conference by  partnering with Magic City Center and Thriver Lifestyle to bring more partnership and funding opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs and business owners. This years two-day conference, on February 22-23, continues to grow each year along with aiming to close the gap by addressing the issues of income inequality, education and innovation as it relates to women of color businesses.

 But what factors and takeaways truly set FMC apart from the rest? One of the key differentiators of FMC is their 501(c)(3) beneficiary charity, Behind The Leaf, which helps minority and low-income women see small business ownership as a viable opportunity for economic advancement by offering accessible educational products, workshops, and networking events. Attendees were entered to win scholarship packages that included the following: monetary business scholarship up to $1500, web hosting, contact management tools, project management tools, subsidized time with accountant, subsidized time with lawyer, personalized marketing material and a free buddy pass to the 2020 Flourish Media Conference.

 A main attraction the conference has is the profound selection of speakers. Past keynote speakers include: Radio Host & On Air Personality Felisha Monet of 99 Jams, Editor Talia Oliver of The Shade Room, credited with changing the landscape of journalism for its ability to draw in 8 million social followers and reach 94 million viewers. This year, FMC speakers included: Wellness Expert Candy Calderon, Writer Ty Alexander, Soul Brand Therapist Whitney Mullings, Attorney Rosezena Piece, America’s Top 20 African American Interior Designer Tonya Cromer, and many more!

 Similar to past Flourish Media Conferences, the 3rd annual conference capitalized on one driving goal: to connect women with willing and interested investors. VIPs had the opportunity to live pitch to investors for the chance to secure up to millions of dollars for their business ventures. By creating a space for discussions about innovation, equality and how to find supportive funding, attendees gained valuable knowledge proven to set their personal businesses or brands apart from the rest.

celeste walsh