Flourish Media Teams With MBCC Women’s Roundtable

Miami, FL - Yet again, the Flourish Media ladies were back with a high demanded conversation, social media and how to master the ability of creating revenue. The event itself, How to Generate More Revenue Using Digital Marketing Strategies, was held on September 19th, 2017 at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Women's Roundtable.

There, the marketing team met with the interested Miami community to discuss what skills and techniques are needed to successfully create a social media brand that not only boosts the sense of community but also increases overall revenue. During the discussion, attendees were able to design timelines to help better accelerate their digital footprint, increase their online visibility, and create brand buzz by administering the free social media tools the pros use.

By forming an inviting atmosphere, Flourish Media helped boost attendee’s perspective of what it takes to run with the big dogs of the Internet. Many left knowing how to hack the digital marketing system along with the ability to experience exponential growth during their next quarter.


celeste walsh