Closing the Wage Gap Through Social Entrepreneurship

San Francisco, CA - The Flourish Media tribe traveled to the West Coast to share their practices of mending the wage gap among women and minorities. On October seventh, 2017 the marketing gurus taught attendees how to use technology to grow their passion-based businesses.

Because social media plays such a vital role in many industries, the Flourish Media team sat down with the San Francisco attendees to discuss what the professionals are practicing. This ranged from how to write copy that translates to ones brand personality, along with the technology that will help them thrive with less hustle and more flow. Everyone has the ability to create an online community for their personal business or brand. But it was the Flourish Media’s goal to prove that without a set plan in motion, online communities would not thrive without the skills and techniques needed to stand out and truly be successful.

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” Noted Vivian Olodun, one of the founding members of the Flourish Media’s team.

The workshop focused on guiding attendees through the social media strategy they use with their VIP clients. This would result to participants being social media savvy and able to create content that converts for their personal business or brand. All event tickets were transferred to the agney’s conference, Flourish Media Conference, where they help fund scholarships for women owned and operated businesses.


celeste walsh