Flourish Media Gives The Inside Scoop On Building Sales Materials

Miami, FL -  By popular request, the Flourish Media ladies are back at it again! But this time they bring a different intensive approach to the marketing industry, building sales materials. On August 23rd, 2017 the tribe of marketing experts created a workshop where they gave tips and tricks on how to successfully complete a request for proposal form.

There Flourish Media gave the inside scoop to what it takes to get a proposal off the ground on into the hands of valuable investors. By teaching attendees the key sales industry materials, they were able to administer open business opportunities, increase future client lists, and teach the ability to close more business with major organizations. With the ability to track possible trends in the industry, this event was a must experience for any business owner wanting to expand their brand or gain new clientele.

The workshop, mainly designed for their White Label clients, gave a new yet informative approach to designing the perfect request form for any project. Participants left the event knowing what large organizations expect to see from their businesses and what positions their business should pursue during the following quarter.


celeste walsh