Flourish Media’s formulaic approach to creating online communities that convert.

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Online communities ONLY convert when advertising, marketing & sales align.

Advertising - Branded content and where it is distributed. Company message in templates designed for Social Media, Video, Landing Pages, Influencers Product Placement, Blogs & Live Events.

Marketing - Data collected from advertising and repackaged to your target community. Call to action(s) which direct your targeted community down a pre-established sales funnel.

Sales - Following up with your target audience to ask for the sale, a minimum of 8 times.

13 Point Assessment * (Investment +Deadline) = Your Digital Marketing Strategy

TSGS™ will calculate the # of impressions needed to close the deal

For example: Business A wants to raise $200K


GOAL | $200,000

REACH NEEDED | 40,000 relevant people

Business A’s Current Community: 3,000 relevant people

ASSUMED VARIABLES | Funding Wonder Partners invest $500 on average

CAMPAIGN GOAL | Invite 37,000 NEW relevant people to into the community.

$200K / $500 = 400 people

40,000 relevant people need to see Business A’ s message (8) times

CAMPAIGN GOAL | Invite 37,000 NEW relevant people to into the community.


On-board with Funding Wonder

Complete 13 Point Assessment & share company assets

(logo, social media logins, brand identity standards)

CAMPAIGN ADVERTISING | Guidelines & concepts shared within 2 business days

CAMPAIGN EXECUTION | As soon as 72 hours after TSGS™