Empire Building - How to Scale Your Business

Miami,FL - On January 19th, 2017 the Flourish Media tribe welcomed attendees to Venture Cafe Miami, an event venue rooted in the growth of innovation among the residents of Miami. How to Scale Your Business assisted in answering questions towards expanding ones business. Because each attendee was at different stage in their business development, the tribe introduced the ins-and-outs of current practices as participants enjoyed the diverse discussion and complimentary wine session.

By targeting women business owners and recent female freelancers, Flourish Media was able to create a like minded environment that not only sparked ideas among attendees but also introduced a sense of community to everyone who attended. Blending community and innovation, what gets better than that? How to Scale Your Business proved to be the answer many female business professionals were seeking for.

As the three hour event came to a close, one thing was certain, the event was a success! The attendees remarked on the friendly atmosphere and the intensive yet inviting discussions. Similar events for the marketing agency were just over the horizon.


celeste walsh