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This page is your hub for schedule details and marketing materials, and will be updated with everything you need as our event approaches.

Dates for Your Diary:

December | Any date : General badge post and holiday sale . Tell your audience how to get there hands on this discounted tickets. (don’t forget to sign up for our affiliate program , so you can stack some coins) Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

January 5: Post I'm speaking badge to social media. Announce to your audience you are a part of the Flourish Tribe! (badges have been emailed and posted below) +Send out your first email announcing you are a speaker  (Copy provided below.)

January 8: Send out your first email promoting the conference  (Copy provided below.) or FB LIVE about your speaking topic + Post social media | Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

January 20:  Post social media |Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

January 29:  Send out your second email promoting the conference  (Copy provided below.) + Post social media

Feburary 3:   Post social media | Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

Feburary 9:   Post social media | Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

Feburary 15:   Scholarship Push |Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

Feburary 18:  Send out your third email promoting the conference  (Copy provided below.)+ Post social media. | Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

Feburary 20: Post social media.| Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco

Feburary 22 and 23: CONFERENCE DAY POST ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Use hashtag #flourishtribe @flourishmediaco



Email Swipe Copy

(emails are not in specific order)

Done-for-You Emails!

Here are a couple of emails you can use to promote the giveaway. Feel free to edit them to your personal style and to fit your audience. We only ask that you keep to the general message please.

We also marked each email with brackets so that you know where to personalize the message and where to add a link: http://www.flourishmediaconference.com.

Email 1


There’s a party happening in MIAMI and I have an invite with your name on it!

Hey (First Name),

Remember that one time when a whole bunch of women got together to talk all about business and branding? If you’re drawing a blank, don’t worry - you didn’t randomly miss out (yet)!

It hasn’t happened yet, but it will! And guess what?!

I am speaking! I will be sharing some of my tried and true secrets about (INSERT YOUR INDUSTRY/AREA OF EXPERTISE HERE) at the Flourish Media Conference!

February 22-23, Miami, FL. Are you down?


PS - Insert special discount codes that are available, or any perks you are offering to your own community for coming. 

Email 2

Stop Struggling to Make Money in Your Business


Right now you may be on the struggle bus. Trying to make that first (or next) $1,000 a month can be tough! Maybe you feel like you have tried it all, and can’t seem to catch a break. And, if you are honest, you have even thought about giving up completely! I mean, is it really worth it? All this time and energy spent on making peanuts?

Let me tell you something. It takes commitment! It takes dedication! And above all, it takes passion!

  • I know you are ready for HUGE things

  • I know you want to make $ so you can experience financial freedom

  • I know you want to quit that 9-5 job that you hate so much!

  • Dream car? Dream house? Dream life?
    Check. Check. And check!

All of this really is available for you!

Who ever said you can’t have it all, LIED! ‘Cuz you can!

But here’s the thing, you gotta want it and you gotta do what it takes to get it!

If you want to be a go-getter, and not a no-getter than I want to extend a personal invite for you to meet me at the Flourish Media Conference on Feb 22-23 in Miami, FL!

If you want to grow FASTER, you need the support to be able to do that. Flourish Media Conference has just that!!!!

Imagine learning about:

Online branding - how to stand out just by being yourself

Social Media - How to build a tribe of raving fans and followers

Business Funding & Pitching - leveraging the billions of dollars available to you to start building your empire!

How these entrepreneurs have gone from $0 - $10,000 months in less than a year’s time!

And oh! So much more!

When are you going to decide that you deserve more!?

SHOW UP and let’s see what we can do together!


PS - tickets are on sale now, you don’t want to miss the early bird pricing! This price is only available until ________. The price jumps up after that. Get it HERE (insert link)

Email 3

The secret to success



Have you ever heard the saying “fortune favors the bold.”

Well...from my experience, that is absolutely, 100% true!

What does boldness look like? It looks like showing up! It looks like making a commitment! It looks like collaboration! And what better place to do that than the Flourish Media Conference!!! Let me tell you about some of the amazing speakers we have!

Speaker 1Bio

Speaker 2 Bio

Speaker 3 Bio

And of course me!!! I will be speaking on …(Insert your topic)

How amazing is that! All of this awesomeness under one roof, you don’t want to miss it!!!

Tickets still available HERE!

Hit reply and let me know if I will see you there!


Social Media Posts


Done-for-You Copy for Posts + Tweets:

Below are some social media images + copy for Facebook (including Facebook groups that allow it!), Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that you can use between December 1st – February 23. Just right click to save the images to your computer.

Feel free to mix and match copy + images, or come up with your own style!

Text marked in brackets and hyperlinks link: http://flourishmediaconference.com  OR here’s the shortened link if you like: http://bit.ly/2ecNrkB

You can use the short copy below for everything (including Twitter):

Want a business funding guide for free? Get it now at the @flourishmediaconference : http://flourishmediaconference.com

Want a branding guide for free? Get it now at the @flourishmediaconference : http://flourishmediaconference.com

$12,000 worth of free resources to help you align your biz + your natural brilliance. @flourishmediaconference : http://flourishmediaconference.com

 Christmas is over but you can still get biz building gifts. Get them now at @flourishmediaconference : http://flourishmediaconference.com

Every FMC ticket holder is automatically entered to win a $1500 Business Scholarship! Do you have your Ticket?http://flourishmediaconference.com

Here’s the longer copy for other social media:

I’m thrilled to be a part of the third annual Flourish Media Conference, Where Women Do Business. FMC consulted with trusted investors, hedge funds & over a dozen women entrepreneurial guides to pool together more than $12,000 worth of resources, training and access to funding – all designed to help you do business (and life) in a more authentic way.  http://flourishmediaconference.com

It’s time to call your #bizbesties and let them know there’s a party – and you’re all invited! If you’re tired of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all business building methodologies and tactics, then The Flourish Media Conference is THE place to come for some resourcing and refreshing. Over $12,000 worth of training and tools all designed to help you create a business (and life!) that’s totally authentic, aligned and honoring of who you naturally are. For starters, you’re going to love my [describe your Expertise or conference talk topic]. Check out the rest of the great speakers at: http://flourishmediaconference.com  

Have you had your eye on my [your gift name and description]? Well, now you can get it (along with over $12,000 worth of business building trainings and resources) for FREE. It’s all part of a special online event, The Flourish Media Conference Pre-Sale, and it’s happening right now. This pre-sale is specifically for women entrepreneurs who want get business funding & do business in a more authentic way. No more strategies that don’t feel good or right to you. Get all of the soulful goodies here: http://flourishmediaconference.com  


We want to help the next generation of #womeninbusiness achieve their dreams.
With the Flourish Scholarship, deserving FMC attendees are automatically entered to win a $1,500 business scholarship. 
Tag a friend who would be interested in a $1,500 business scholarship!

Visit www.FlourishMediaConference.com to learn more about the conference and purchase your tickets to be entered. #scholarship #FlourishMedia #GirlBoss#youngcreatives #scholarships #fmc18

Flourish Scholarship 

Many times business owners miss out on the resources and support available to them simply due to lack of awareness.

Did you know all FMC 2019 speakers, panelist and donors all contributed to the scholarship.

Head over to http://www.flourishmediaconference.com/fmc-scholarship to learn more about how you can get $1500 towards your business this year at Flourish Media Conference.

#scholarship #Flourishtribe #GirlBoss #youngcreatives #scholarships #fmc18







Thank you

Thank you all again for joining this conference! We so appreciate each and every one of you! Please let us know if you have any questions about anything: LinkUP@FlourishMediaConference.com

It’s going to be a whole bunch of fun!! 

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