Tahaji Felder



Tahaji Felder had no plans on becoming a social entrepreneur.  Equipped with a Master's Degree from Nova Southeastern University under her arm, and a love of fashion, she made a conscious decision to go beyond the status quo, say yes to her dream, & launch Goose & Gander Brand in September 2015.  Goose & Gander Brand is a lifestyle brand that exists to inspire others to pursue their passion.  She knew she wanted to create a bigger impact but was held back by fear.  She launched the brand after a long career in finance, and getting laid off from her corporate job as an accountant.  Fear is the #1 dream killer and Tahaji’s life passion is to inspire others to do more of what they love and live their purpose.  With no formal experience in fashion, she has used persistence, trial & error, and commitment to fuel her journey.  Tahaji works closely with nonprofits in South Florida, including co-creating the EmpowerYOU Series with One Page Closer, which empowers entrepreneurship & literacy in community.  She has shared her early entrepreneurial journey to help others through various podcasts, blog features, and speaking.  Her motto is: “Life is too short not to go the unpaved route & dream BIG!”