Lia Ames



Lia Ames is co-owner of Lunchology, a gourmet, healthy meal delivery service and catering company. Born to an African mother who developed an import export business of furniture made all over the world and an American father, who directed a global non-profit in developing countries, Lia quickly developed a passion for creating a business that would help people become better.

However, before moving into the food industry and learning through trial and error, Lia spent years managing in Miami's nightlife and events industries. Starting young, while in college, she quickly worked her way up into management positions and became recognized as the youngest female manager on Miami Beach.

A graduate from the University of Miami with degrees in Business Administration and International Relations, Lia's passion is in uplifting women in business by leading through example. With a belief that women are the foundation of community because they have irreparable strength and after many failed attempts at starting numerous businesses and nonprofits, Lia can say she is a true entrepreneur.


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