Kalei Lagunero

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Kalei Lagunero is a blogger that creates content about beauty, makeup, fashion and style along with fitness and lifestyle. She has created a movement called the #AlphaBabeNation where she encourages other women to unleash their inner Alpha and go for their aspirations and dreams. Kalei is always evolving in the beauty Industry and strives to always be better and do better in life and when creating content. You can follow Kalei Lagunero on her social media platforms and join the Nation by Subscribing to her YouTube channel and visiting her website for all things Alpha at: www.KaleiLagunero.com   Kalei focuses not just on a following, but a quality following and will be launching her website to help women of all ages and walks of life; build their online presence by following her tips and advice. Kalei is passionate about helping people succeed and with Kalei's help, you'll unleash your Inner Alpha! Join the Nation today! 

Follow Kalei @kalei_lagunero.