Jill Tracey

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 A native of Detroit, Michigan, Jill’s career began as a South Beach gossip columnist which led to a career in radio and TV that has taken Jill to Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and now back to Miami.  When it comes to what’s HOT?  Jill Tracey’s got the 411!

The height of Jill's career began with "SoBelt"- the mid 90's gossip column chronicling the rise of South Beach.Writing led to Public Relations with legendary Susan Brustman & Associates and an evening of a lifetime. Jill hosted a dinner partty for Muhammed Ali with PAL of Miami Beach. She invited one of the biggest stars in town, Luther Campbell. The rest is in indeed South Beach Sizzle.

Jill Tracey has been a member of the HOT 105 family for over a decade and has the distinction of being one of South Florida’s most popular personalities.