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Meet the creator of Brown Ballerina Chassidy Jade; a professional video editor and multi­‐talented creative from Memphis, Tennessee and Delray Beach, Florida with nothing more important to her than producing high quality and diverse independent projects.

Born a military brat, she was exposed to diverse ways of life, sparking her creative plug. While finding many creative outlets like fashion design with an elder sister who studied ballet, the two often stuck out amongst their peers fighting for acceptance. This is something that stuck with Jade and influenced her rebellious spirit and feminist attitude.

We’re taught to relate, not to think for ourselves so that it’s easy to find comfort in boxes that fit a specific character. Once you step outside that character, you become human.” -CJ

Jade developed a serious passion for writing after being introduced to poetry through writing out of sonnets and dictionaries for her bad behavior in junior high. Most of her inspiration came from books and short stories written by Tupac Shakur, winning national awards in extemporaneous speaking and creative writing. She found a new interest in live production upon graduating high school, starting as a switchboard and camera operator to stay out of trouble. 

"Following the rules won't make you successful" -CJ

In college, she produced documentaries reflecting social issues like the Haiti earthquakes, commercials with interesting concepts, and short films based on strong non-­‐stereotypical female characters. Her writing and editing style is what caught the attention of many classmates and teachers.

"My style is a lot like my personality, whether it's comfort or curiosity you find in me, you will always be intrigued." -CJ

After graduating college, Jade fell back on her live production experience touring with the likes of Chris Brown, Big Sean, and The Miami Heat while also working as a Production Assistant and Coordinator for local music videos in Miami for artists like Trina, Lil’ Wayne, and Rick Ross under ASK Media Productions and 305 Films.

Jade is currently a professional promo video editor working on commercials and branding under Warner Brothers and Viacom. She also has a heavy hand in graphic design creating funky flyers for the Miami art district and Memphis Music scene while exploring photography. Her main focus is to develop Crown Me Royal Labs, producing its own original content like Brown Ballerina, visual branding for small businesses, and live entertainment for diverse independent artists.