Anita Rincón



Anita Rincón is a globally recognized fashion and beauty powerhouse, author and star of her own television show. Born in Finland, Northern Europe to a multicultural family, the 29-year- old entrepreneur now resides in New York City. With a dual business degree in international marketing and economics, years of experience as digital marketing manager for an e-commerce group, and running a weekly fashion and beauty column for a leading newspaper with over 18 million daily readers worldwide, Anita took the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur in order to create her own legacy. In the past four years, she has successfully built celebrity-favorite beauty brands Rincón Cosmetics and Luz Lashes; fashion brand Anita Rincón Swim – which had its acclaimed debut at Miami Swim Week – and Girl Code; support network and online community providing resources and inspirational content for female entrepreneurs in Northern Europe. Anita's inspirational story has been converted into a TV series to inspire other ambitious, business-oriented millennials on Finland's largest television network. In addition to her own show, Anita and her brands can be frequently seen on TV and magazines, such as NBC, Telemundo, ELLE, Vogue Latino américa, and more.

As a result of the success she has enjoyed in business, Anita now dedicates her time between running her companies and helping other female entrepreneurs monetize their passions and expertise through her published books, workshops and online courses.